Amsterdam, donderdag-Thursday 15-08-19

23.23 cest

So I logged in to this blog and…. the editor was empty. Yesterday’s entry was simply not there. I looked at bottom of page for the “revisions” and noticed the list, but when I copied yesterday’s revision I could not paste it. In short, my beloved browser, Opera, wiped all the 2000+ blog entries which had written since October 24 2010. Great. On the public facing blog all seemed okay, those that I had made public were visible, but inside the blog, the editor was empty.
So, instead of wasting bandwidth going nuts on this page, I shall hastily back up those entries which only exist on this blog. Oh, by the way, all is well using different browsers.

Later: in a fit of anxiety I backed up all the most recent posts, dating back to June this year. I was given a suggestion by an Opera user in the Opera forum, and now I can actually paste in text in the editor, but when I update…. the editor goes empty again. Total  mess. Thank you Opera…. Ouch, it really hurts,   and to think, Opera’s spellchecker is so great, I really hope this bug will be fixed.

Update: It has been fixed. Either Opera staff pushed a fix or else WP staff pressed a switch, but Opera, which offers the best spell check, is ready for use again.

Amsterdam, donderdag-Thursday 07-03-19

13.34 cest

Ik kan mijn posten niet langer publiceren. Dit is de tweede keer dat ik openbaarmaking moet staken. Een trol ergens op een of andere site leest deze posten en verdraait alles wat ik schrijf en gebruikt mijn woorden tegen mij ; deze verdraaiingen van mijn woorden vind ik terug in het forum, waar hij nu en dan zijn onplezierige commentaren spuit. De gast is een geestelijk laag ontwikkelde psychopaat die de obsessieve drang voelt om mensen pijn te doen en te beledigen, op allerlei manieren alsook op pathetische wijze op te scheppen over zijn eigen intelligentie en artistieke verrichtingen.  Wanneer ik een geaccrediteerd schrijver zou zijn, zou deze omstandigheid niet spelen. Het persoon mag geen enkele toegang hebben tot de vrucht van mijn geest, om die te besmetten.

Sowieso zou ik het openbaar publiceren tot een halt hebben geroepen, gelet op de “leen”, de pakken-wat-je-pakken kan cultuur op deze glorieuze uitvinding, het Internet.


I can no longer publish my posts. This is the second time I need  to stop the publication. A troll somewhere on some site reads these posts and twists everything I write, to then use  my words  against me; I can retrieve the twisted versions of my words in the forum where he spouts his unpleasant comments now and then. The guy is a psychopath of a low mental development who feels the compulsive desire to hurt and offend people, in all manner of ways besides bragging about his intelligence and his artistic achievements.  Had I been an accredited writer this circumstance would not come into consideration. The person person should not have any access to the fruit of my mind, which then becomes tainted.

I would have halted posting as “public” anyway, with a view to the “borrowing”, the grab-what-you-can culture on this glorious invention, the Internet.

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