Amsterdam, donderdag-Thursday 17-11-16

Vertaling van onderstaande volgt morgen.



With the utmost of aversion I *did* still take that daily walk through the dark park, a chilly autumn wind howling through the trees and dry fallen leaves tailing me – at one moment the crackly sound startled me and I looked over my shoulder, half expecting to see a human form, on my trail. Which was not the case. I discerned a stork on the stork’s nest on its high pole in the meadow. Strange shadows all around, cast by the mustard coloured light from the street lights. I can’t remember whether I enjoyed my walk, which I simply took to get some exercise – maybe I enjoyed the idea of having had the discipline to actually go through with it and that I would feel fantastic, once home.
I definitely think I feel satisfied with myself for my sense of discipline. The body will suffer under lack of daily exercise, we don’t want that to happen.

After I got home I discovered that I had not rinsed the newly washed and still wet morning coat of very fluffy material, properly; wringing the hem and the ends of the sleeves produced streams of water and a rich, thick lather!  The only option was to get it rinsed and spin-dried in the washing machine. Sigh, so after all it is not that simple to return to grandmother’s ways, who stood at her wooden tub in the garden, pounding and kneading the clothes on the wash board. But hey, she possessed this nifty wooden wringer, which she mounted on the tub, when done and emptied to pass the wet laundry through the two rollers. She never wrung all that heavy water logged fabric with her two hands, like I have to do!
I catch myself searching offers for “wash boards” and “wringers” on the Net. Spotted some attractive offers, but not in my area, I would need to take a train, then struggle back, a heavy wringer in my arms. Doesn’t sound good.

I launched an idea on Flickr’s Ideas platform, User Voice. I shall write about that tomorrow.